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Cell and Gene Therapy Case Management

An orchestration platform to effortlessly manage a patient’s end-to-end Cell and Gene Therapy journey from initiation to infusion.

Business Benefits

Easily and efficiently manage CoI (Chain of Identity) and CoC (Chain of Custody)

Secure audit trail of all interactions

Hassle-free pipeline management and scheduling

Seamlessly integrate discrete ERP and CRM systems

Better leverage Canonical Model

Increase in case handling speed by 200% or more

Intuitively configure end-to-end order journey

User-friendly, integrated view

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based “Next Best Action”



Modern BI & Analytics

Case Managers

Integrated Insights

Clinical Sites

Integrated Insights

Contract Manufacturing
Organizations (CMOs)

Custom Applications

Contract Research
Organizations (CROs)

Custom Applications

Shipping/Courier Companies
Use Cases
  • Real-time sample tracking & communication thru COP, email, notifications etc.
  • Task management to anchor order lifecycle
  • Redressal management – reschedule, cancellation, issue with collection, etc.
  • Integrations with shipping vendors, clinical sites, etc. to place/receive orders and send/receive itineraries
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