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Transform Customer Service with Cognitive Search

Intuitively find precise answers for your customers.

Customer service is a key factor in ensuring customer retention and lies at the core of a successful business. But customer service agents are often overwhelmed with a high volume of customer requests. They repeatedly end up spending enormous time and effort wading through a multitude of unstructured text within content repositories, knowledge articles, FAQs, wikis, and portals, to come up with reasonably relevant information that addresses the customer’s issue. Meanwhile, the customer has to wait just as long for an answer – with customer satisfaction plunging lower each passing minute.

Persistent’s Engage 360 solution for Salesforce leverages AWS Kendra’s machine learning-powered intelligent search capabilities to deliver superior agent productivity and accelerated customer self-service. With Engage 360, your agents and customers don’t need to search through troves of disparate and distributed unstructured data. In a single click, the solution delivers relevant answers, matching FAQs, similar cases, and other recommended content right within the all familiar Salesforce interface, helping agents respond to and resolve customer issues in the shortest possible time.

Delivered in partnership with AWS and Salesforce, Persistent’s Engage 360 solution is a fully managed package that is easily setup within your Salesforce ecosystem. Engage 360 dramatically enhances the cognitive value of the Service Cloud and Community Cloud-based case management experience for your service agents and end customers.

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Deliver superior customer experiences while reducing the pressure on your agents.

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You can also email us directly at info@persistent.com.

You can also email us directly at info@persistent.com