Persistent in Leadership Zone
for IoT Technology services –
Software Platform Engineering & Management
& Engineering Analytics & Decision Sciences

Zinnov Zones for IoT Technology Services

Zinnov Management Consulting has positioned Persistent Systems in the leadership zone for both ‘Software Platform Engineering & Management’ and ‘Engineering Analytics & Decision Sciences’ in its Zinnov Zones 2016 – IoT Technology services report. Being positioned in the Leadership Zone validates the strategy and capabilities of Persistent Systems for IoT Technology Services.

Persistent is strongly positioned for IoT Technology services for ‘Software Platform Engineering & Management’ and ‘Engineering Analytics & Decision Sciences’. A strong partner ecosystem along with their IP strategy is a strength for Persistent. They have unique strengths in key technology areas such as Cognitive IoT, Continuous Engineering, IoT monetization, and API management.

– Sidhant Rastogi,
Partner & Practice Head,

The scale of the impact of IoT is going to be massive as every single thing becomes software-driven. The data generated as a result will be immense and business will need to harness the insights derived from it. Software 4.0, our vision for a software-driven everything world, is a unique focus on the “how” of continuous transformation by design, with IoT driving the digital transformation of enterprises.

– Dr. Anand Deshpande
Chairman and Managing Director,
Persistent Systems

Dr Anand Deshpande

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