As an early adopter of cloud and a leading advocate of advancing innovation in cloud technologies, Persistent Systems supports the mission of OpenStack, an emerging community focused on developing open source software for building private and public clouds. Persistent Systems has been actively contributing to the OpenStack community since its inception in 2010. Persistent Systems has established a dedicated competency center for OpenStack and has woven OpenStack into its portfolio of cloud platform offerings to help companies adopt and unleash the power of open source cloud.


Our success stories around OpenStack are a testament to our expertise. Some of the OpenStack solutions developed by Persistent Systems include :

  • Public cloud platform using OpenStack for a multi-billion dollar IT product company
  • PaaS using cloud foundry on OpenStack cloud infrastructure for a leading cloud service provider
  • Video streaming service on top of OpenStack
  • Auto scale engine for auto scaling the instances on OpenStack
  • MapReduce as a service on OpenStack
  • Self-provisioning portal on OpenStack cloud platform

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