Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud and is delivered as a service. Snowflake has a unique architecture which separates storage from compute, resulting in instant and unlimited scalability. Other capabilities include support for structured as well as semi-structured data, secure data sharing, ‘Zero Management’ and ‘pay only for what you use’. The architecture provides a lot of flexibility for companies, reduces operational costs and brings down time for reporting from days and weeks to minutes due to its simplicity.

Persistent Systems is a global implementation partner for Snowflake since 2017 and an engineering partner since 2016.

Persistent Offerings on Snowflake:

Zero To Snowflake In 90

Zero to Snowflake in 90 minutes:

Learn and Experience Snowflake. This is a free hands-on workshop session for customer groups hosted at our office.

Classroom Training

Classroom Training:

One full day training with several hands-on sessions in labs. Snowflake sponsorship is available for classroom training.

Snowflake Proof Of Concept

Snowflake Proof-of-Concept:

Explore various flavors of Snowflake implementation such as greenfield implementation, migration or performance-focused evaluation as a 2 to 4 week initiative. Also, implement one end-to-end use case on Snowflake.

Migration To Snowflake

Migration to Snowflake:

Migrate to Snowflake from Hadoop, SQL Server, Oracle or RedShift.

Dwh Modernization

DWH Modernization:

Understand all aspects of data warehouse modernization, engage in a workshop to define your modernization path and take help from experts in your modernization journey.

Auto scheduling

Data Lake + DWH Using Snowflake:

Explore and understand data lake concepts, best practices and benefits. Engage in a workshop to understand Hadoop, S3 and Snowflake based lakes and utilize our expertise in implementation.

Use our detailed migration guides to see how you can migrate your data from other platforms to Snowflake and embrace its flexibility and simplicity.

Why Persistent as your Snowflake Partner

A 360-degree Relationship

As an SI partner, Persistent brings unmatched experience and accelerators to the table:

Accelerators & GuidesSnowflake ExpertiseAccelerite ShareInsights IP
Ready accelerators and detailed migration guides for migration from Hadoop, SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata and RedshiftCertified team of solutions architects, developers and ETL/BI engineers with labs for trying out tools with Snowflake and recommending the best.Accelerite ShareInsights is data catalog, metadata discovery, visual data pipeline tool with no-code integration of Spark and Machine Learning models that can run natively on Snowflake.
Learn more about ShareInsights as a rapid application development platform.

Over 3000 organizations use Snowflake as their cloud data warehouse solution. Contact us today to join them and learn more from our migration guides and points of view.

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