FinMkt and Persistent Partnership

FinMkt’s loan origination and award-winning multi-lender point of sale financing platform empower banks, credit unions, and alternative lenders to meet the growing demand of merchants and consumers for real-time financing solutions.

FinMkt’s proprietary and fully customizable “Fintech as a Service” offers end-to-end loan origination technology, including automated consumer and merchant underwriting, and compliance elements such as KYC/AML and FCRA. FinMkt also offers robust AI/ML capabilities to provide financial institutions with valuable insights to better shape their credit policies.

The Persistent and FinMkt partnership will enable small and mid-sized financial institutions around the world to accelerate their digital lending strategies. This powerful cloud-based digital banking solution will empower community banks and credit unions to seamlessly enter the POS lending market by directly originating loans or providing new POS capabilities for their merchant customers.

The combination of FinMkt and Persistent will provide banks and credit unions with the much-needed technology to stay relevant, grow rapidly, and compete in the point of sale financing space.
Partner Benefits

Cost-Effective Speed to Market

FinMkt’s customizable technology, powered by Persistent’s cloud-based integration. enables financial institutions to increase speed to market by extending legacy technology investments.

Competitive Edge in an Increasingly Digital Marketplace

Exceed the consumer demands, enhance merchant services and create new opportunities for scalable growth through digital lending solutions.

End-to-End or Modularized, Solutions for Every Strategy

Wherever you are in your digital journey, FinMkt and Persistent can utilize the right technology and solutions to get your company there faster with less friction.

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