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Programmers say Gen AI can write 50-60% of code

Persistent’s Chief Data Scientist, Dattaraj Rao, shares his experience of leveraging coding assistants and how they have helped him optimize his time. He also advices programmers on how they can use these tools in their regular coding cycles.

September 27, 2023


Decoding Opportunities and Challenges for LLM agents in Generative AI

Persistent's Chief Data Scientist, Dattaraj Rao, explains the progression of GenAI applications powered by LLM from prompts to Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to agents. He highlights how, with the right framework, patterns, and guardrails, agents can transform enterprise applications to enhance customer experiences.

September 7, 2023


The Smart Enterprise: Making Generative AI Enterprise-Ready

Persistent's Senior Vice President and General Manager for Consumer Tech, Padmanabhan Venkatesan, emphasizes how GenAI is transforming enterprises through improved data integration and accuracy. He shares how the shift from NLP to LLM has the potential to solve complex business challenges.

September 1, 2023



Revolutionising Insurance with Big Data

Persistent's Head of Solutions for Europe, Devashish Mishra, explains how big data has the potential to transform insurance business and can be leveraged to personalize insurance products, enhance operational efficiency, and improve policyholder experiences.

August 31, 2023

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