As a core development partner on Azure, Dynamics and other platforms, Persistent Systems is a uniquely qualified Competency Partner, helping companies become Software Driven Businesses. With more than 25 years of proven technology partnership – Persistent and Microsoft have an extensive history of teamwork and collaboration in developing various Microsoft technologies for enterprise customers.

Microsoft Azure

As a Microsoft Azure Circle Partner, Persistent Systems helps Enterprises and ISVs looking to adopt or extend their Azure platform utilization. Leveraging our experience in developing efficient cloud-based applications, we have designed a structured process and accelerators for migrating existing SaaS or cloud applications seamlessly and quickly to Microsoft Azure, while minimizing risk and development costs.

MS Dynamics CRM

With its in-depth expertise in Microsoft Technologies and extensive experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation, Persistent Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics Certified partner, is the ideal partner for enterprises of all sizes to jumpstart their MS Dynamics CRM adoption.

Persistent Systems is not just an implementation partner but also an engineering partner of Microsoft. Having worked on enhancing the analytics capabilities of MS Dynamics platform, Persistent is also well equipped to help enterprises build vertical solutions on the platform. We have also invested in creating a migration factory to move apps and data from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to help accelerate time to value for enterprises migrating to MS Dynamics CRM.

SQL Server

Persistent understands that data integration is central to modern enterprises’ information infrastructure and critical to their success. With vast experience with various database environments, Persistent helps enterprises migrate their information infrastructure to SQL smoothly without business interruptions or delays, while keeping costs low.

Persistent adheres to a systematic migration process starting with migration complexity assessment; making recommendations based on the assessment, proceeding with the migration and finally providing support.

Microsoft Genomics and Azure

Persistent Systems, a preferred partner of Microsoft Genomics service will enable customers to use the Microsoft Genomics service for whole genome, exome and targeted panel analysis. This service will help customers create Microsoft Genomics service account, upload fastq file, do a quality check on the files, run the genomics pipeline and produce quality metrics for generated VCF files.    Learn More

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