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Building next-generation software products at warp speed with breakthrough operational efficiency.

Technology products and business models don’t stay current for long due to the rapid pace of innovation, accelerated development cycles, and disruptive business models. This has increased both the importance and complexity of managing innovation, engineering, and management.

With services across the entire product development spectrum, Persistent is the ideal engineering partner to co-innovate around new product development and as a transformation catalyst for existing products and businesses.

Our expertise extends across the Software & Hi-Tech Industry
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Leveraging the strength of our service lines
Digital Strategy & Design

Innovation accelerators and design studios to deliver new-age experience-driven solutions and open new revenue streams​

Software Product Engineering

Software and platform engineering services to build, modernize and sustain software with breakthrough efficiency​

CX Transformation

Leverage low-code, no-code paradigms to deliver world-class customer experiences across all digital and in-person touchpoints, enabling you to better serve and grow your customer base​

Data-Driven Business & Intelligence

The power of data coupled with AI/ML to uncover actionable insights around user behavior to provide hyper-personalized, low aperture digital experiences.​

Identity, Access & Privacy

Deliver privacy-aware and identity-centric customer experiences while protecting user data, eliminating product vulnerabilities and staying ahead of compliance requirements​

Core IT Modernization

Rearchitect and refactor traditional software products to create new cloud-first, cloud-native enterprise applications and platforms​

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation helps businesses enhance customer experience, improve employee productivity, and meet the changing needs of the industry.

Persistent has been a very great partner. They have been flexible in the business models that we have with them. One of the key projects that we worked on with Persistent was to expand our capabilities for mobile. Those capabilities helped us move internationally and open up business outside of the US.

Jay Henderson, Senior VP of Products, Acoustic

The problem that we set out to solve was to eliminate the use of passwords. Having a team of people that can go to work and execute on that proposition very rapidly is terribly important to the life of a startup. The team here works very closely with the team at Persistent we have very high regard for both the caliber of the teams and quality of work that they are able to do for us.

Rajiv Dholakia, VP of Products and Business Development, Nok Nok Labs

Our customers need custom features for their deployment, but we can’t overturn our entire roadmap to develop customized features. With the help of Persistent, who understands our technology at a fundamental level, we are able to create custom solutions which we can then roll into our standard product. It creates a multi-million-dollar business which we would not be able to touch otherwise.

Vince Fortin, SVP of Engineering, Empirix

Why Persistent?
Product Engineering DNA

30-year legacy of leadership in software product engineering and digital transformation.

Partners in Innovation

Excellent track record with clients and partner of choice for the world’s leading software product companies.

Robust Execution Framework

Combining the power of Design Thinking, Hackathons, Continuous Engineering and Agile to build next-generation software products.

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