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Custom Connectors

Advance quickly with Persistent’s proven connectors and team of industry experts.

Many organizations struggle to execute on innovation and modernization. Doing so requires the ability to gain interoperability across the technology ecosystem. It requires a strong partner with the experience, methodology, assets, and access to development. Persistent is a trusted partner that consistently delivers business acceleration, enterprise modernization, and digital product engineering.


Faster time to market for ISVs


Persistent connectors developed


Average number of weeks to deliver

*Actual timeline will depend on several factors including connector framework maturity, data source complexity, API availability, authentication mechanisms, scope of functionality & testing.

What is included?
Connector code with performance guarantee
Deployment scripts and technical documentation for all connectors
Defect tracking, resolution and traceability
Comprehensive connector lab with automated test suites and test data
Best practices from building and certifying connectors for leading data platforms such as Informatica, Snowflake, Google demo and more
Demo app & spec sheets
Technical support


Email support


Industry leading turnaround times


For installed connectors


Upstream and downstream

3000+ connectors expertly designed for interoperability
"Persistent helped us increase the total addressable market with more than 1,000 connectors"
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Increase Revenue and Drive Software Adoption with Custom Connectors

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Frequently asked questions

Answer: Speed is of great essence for any enterprise decision and initiative with software adoption. Without pre-built connectors that offer OOTB third-party data integration and interoperability, prospective customers cannot easily evaluate and implement your product within their IT setup.

Answer: With a suite of pre-built connectors and visibility into the roadmap, they will have greater clarity and confidence with the selling, evaluation, and implementation of your product. They can easily prioritize the opportunities and projects.

Answer: Every connector project at Persistent is driven by specification, framework, and execution excellence. The Persistent team will take lead in articulation and elaboration of the requirements, design of connector framework and deployment architecture. We will build the connectors at scale with clearly defined RACI, governance & communication models. So, any unnecessary dependence on the ISV team is avoided.

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    You can also email us directly at

    You can also email us directly at