Software services and applications need to easily integrate for businesses to run at speed and businesses rely on software providers to offer applications that easily interoperate in their setup.

Yet, for software providers, developing the interoperability required for this integration can be time-consuming and complex. The process is expensive and draws on resources that could otherwise be put to work improving application features and functionality. It can take several weeks to a few months to develop a single connector from scratch. Moreover, the process of testing, maintaining, and updating them over time is even more complex to manage, especially considering the countless combinations of scenarios that must be identified, prepared, validated, and maintained.

Is there a better way? This joint whitepaper by IDG and Persistent delves into how partner-based custom connectors can help software providers speed up interoperability and drive adoption. Read the whitepaper to know how, as a software provider, you can rollout software faster with pre-built integrations.