red hat

Rapidly build and deploy applications
that scale intelligently across hybrid cloud

Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise Kubernetes container platform, optimized for developer productivity that comes with Red Hat’s enterprise grade support. When combined with Red Hat Ansible, which automates cloud provisioning and service orchestration, Red Hat provides a complete stack for Application Modernization and DevOps Transformation. Only Persistent can provide the right combination of DevOps automation, containerization, cloud platform management, and application skills along with a flexible global delivery footprint.

Why Persistent


Containerization and Kubernetes trained employees


Red Hat accreditations with objective to reach 100 by 2022


Containerized open source packages


Projects containerizing workloads on AWS, Azure, GCP, & IBM Cloud

Offerings and Solutions

cloud migration modernization

Enterprise Cloud Migration

Enabling enterprises to take the first step in their cloud journey by rapidly moving their applications and data to the cloud through efficient migration strategies for them to begin realizing savings in IT expenditure.

cloud native development

Cloud-Native Development

Providing cloud application services to develop new cloud-native applications, or to re-platform/re-factor existing applications for new target clouds, thereby enabling companies to accelerate time to market while saving development costs.

ibm cloud pak service

Enterprise Application Modernization

Modernizing legacy enterprise applications to create new business value by enabling them for cloud and updating them with modern features and capabilities. Helping migrate legacy enterprise applications to the cloud to enable functionalities that better align with the business needs.



Help IT staff automate manually intensive infrastructure and DevOps processes ensuring consistency, lower upgrade downtimes and increased staff productivity.

Benefit of Red Hat OpenShift

accelerate digital transformation

24% higher developer productivity

56 faster-development

56% faster development, new features


>2x more new applications and features


64% faster deployment compute


49% faster development, new apps

News and Insights



IDC conducted research exploring the benefits of developing and running applications using the Red Hat OpenShift platform in the AWS Cloud


Persistent announces over 2,000 trained on containerization and Kubernetes to accelerate IBM Cloud Pak deployments and core IT modernization


FICO seeds the cloud with an innovative solution powered by Red Hat OpenShift


UPS streamlines package delivery with DevOps and Red Hat

Client Success Story


Persistent deploys containerization to unlock additional speed, scalability and cloud-readiness for IBM Product Master


10 Lessons to consider when containerizing enterprise software

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