Scaled Co-Engineering Agile PODs

Accelerate strategic, creative and development initiatives with agile teaming.

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Persistent’s co-engineering agile POD model allows organizations to scale software product engineering teams rapidly to accelerate strategic, creative and development initiatives.

Co-engineering agile PODs are nimble, purpose-built teams with an optimal combination of software product engineering skills, technology capabilities and engagement models. As an extended co-engineering arm, agile PODs leverage modern product engineering principles such as design thinking, DevOps-NoOps, continuous engineering, MACH architectures and agile to build next-generation software fast.

Pillars of Agile POD Frameworks

Cross-functional & Co-engineering

Persistent platform delivery model for next generation digital design, development and quality engineering.


Client controlled design and architecture with Persistent-owned delivery of specialized skillsets.


Persistent solution blueprint – DevOps, cloud-first, MACH enabled and agile coaches shared across client teams.


Custom-built PODs to meet unique requirements such as Blockchain, AI/ML, SRE, Performance

  • Product Engineering DNA – Cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team coupled with agile maturity models to maximizes the impact of engineering with tangible KPIs and reporting.
  • Faster Time to Market – Automation levers and zero touch deployment to reduce release cycles drastically.
  • Cost Optimization – Self-organizing, highly configurable and nimble with the right blend of engineering resources.
  • Accelerated Innovation – Innovation garage, design thinking and hackathon mindset to foster innovation and lateral thinking.
Client Success

K-2 leverages Agile to turn an idea into a product and bring it to market, fast!

Leveraging principles of agile to explore different possibilities allowed K-2 to create a product and bring to market quickly.

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Client Success
VC firm K-2 leverages agile and Persistent to turn an idea into a product and bring it to market, fast!
Persistent Systems Client - K2 venture Capital

K-2 leverages Agile to turn an idea into a product and bring it to market, fast!

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Why Persistent?
Product Engineering DNA

30-year legacy of leadership in software product engineering and digital transformation.

Partners in Innovation

Strong track record with clients as the software engineering partner of choice for the world’s leading software product companies.

Robust Execution Framework

Combining the power of design thinking, hackathons, and IP-driven accelerators to engineer next-generation software products.

News & Insights

Access our latest thought leadership and updates on Software Product Engineering.

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Agile is moving out of the delivery and moving into the discovery

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