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Persistent Systems Client - Altisource

Accelerated migration of a highly complex legacy data warehouse environment to Snowflake

Learn how Altisource lowered operational costs and centralized all its data reporting needs with the switch from Oracle Exadata to Snowflake.


Altisource, a leading provider of mortgage and real-estate marketplace solutions, wished to reduce its high data warehouse operating costs and move to a single cloud-native data warehouse that would centralize all reporting needs.

  • High operating cost of its on-prem data platform, Oracle Exadata, led to the desire to migrate to pay-per-use infrastructure on the cloud
  • Soon to be decommissioned on-prem data center that created the need for a solution that could operate on the cloud
  • Increasing need to consolidate multiple, disparate ETL tools into a single enterprise-wide data warehouse that could centrally cater to all reporting needs
  • No possibility of “as-is” migration from Oracle Exadata to cloud-based Snowflake as Oracle’s cursor-based row-by-row processing is not supported by Snowflake

“Persistent helped us imagine the complete data infrastructure picture – a true technology collaborator who made multiple product enhancements along the way. We couldn’t ask for a better cloud migration partner.”

Sarah Acosta, VP, Enterprise Data & Analytics
  • 25000+ customer tenants, 1500+ tables, 700 stored procedures, 800 UDFs migrated from Oracle Exadata to Snowflake
  • Consolidated disparate ETL tools to a single cloud-based platform Rivery
  • Developed all migration procedures with bulk load to address Oracle’s cursor-based row-by-row processing
  • Templatized stored procedures for easy configuration of additional customer and service lines
  • Eliminated non-standard nomenclature from schema/entity names
  • Identified and fixed defects in the existing system during migration
  • Helped the customer get up to speed with Snowflake and Rivery with detailed trainings
  • Made multiple product enhancements to Rivery along the way
Technologies Used
  • Identified migration inventory accurately during the discovery phase so that no redundancies were carried forward to Snowflake. Created a single view of the Oracle Exadata warehouse architecture
  • Designed and built an entirely new data warehouse architecture with Snowflake
  • Consolidated all ETL tools such as Perl, Informatica, Pentaho, Talend into a single cloud-based tool Rivery
  • Enabled clear demarcation between staging, data warehouse and datamart layers which was previously lacking
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