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Oncology and Applying the Virtualization of Care

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Virtual care encompasses a wide array of technologies that connect patients to providers. From chronic disease management to remote patient monitoring, virtual care solutions are transforming the way healthcare is delivered. Concerns regarding reimbursement, patient satisfaction, clinical appropriateness, and physician adoption have been around for some years, but a lot has been learned over the years and especially during the last few months. Oncology like most other specialties had to fast forward their exploration of digital tools during the pandemic lockdown. In this session, we will tease out from our experienced panelists some practical guidance on implementation. We will discuss the commonality of many digital processes across oncology, what patients want, and how different sub-specializations can fit new technology platforms into their clinical and business models whether under a fee-for-service or value-based care regime.

Discussion Topics
  • What are the economic benefits of using digital health to assess, monitor, and treat patients undergoing cancer treatment?
  • What are the commonalities, what are the differences to be considered when designing for scale across oncology?
  • How can digital health solutions best benefit oncology care in particular? What broad technology platforms can be repurposed for oncology care delivery?
  • How do tackle the issues of investing for a success in a hybrid business dynamic of fee for service and value-based models?


Rafael Fonseca | Persistent Systems Events

Rafael Fonseca

M.D., Interim Director, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Sara K. Silacci | Persistent Systems Events

Sara K. Silacci

Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Managing Director, CIDH at Massachusetts General Hospital

Richard Boyajian | Persistent Systems Events

Richard Boyajian

Virtual Prostate Cancer Clinic Director, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Dr. Sawad Thotathil

Sawad Thotathil

AVP Growth & Solutions, Healthcare, Persistent Systems

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