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Benefits of registering your team through Persistent:
  • Fast track hiring opportunities for top and eligible performers
  • Have touch points with our mentors at regular intervals
  • Participation certificate for all successful submissions
  • Exciting awards for the top three best submissions

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    Yes, it is important that you register your team at 2 places:

    • Persistent’s Registration page
    • 2022 Call for Code Global Challenge’s Registration page

    Only registering with us will not get your team enrolled for the Global Challenge, kindly do the needful.

    On registering for 2022 Call for Code Global Challenge through Persistent, we offer you an unique opportunity to enhance your solution and interact with our technical experts. Through regular connects, they will guide you on the approach, technology & solution delivery, thus boosting your chances to win the global hackathon!

    The evaluation criteria would be exactly same as the 2022 Call for Code Global Challenge! Each entry will be judged on a scale of 20 points and the final marks will be an average of all the judges’ scores.

    • Completeness and transferability (5 points)
    • Design and usability (5 points)
    • Creativity and innovation (5 points)
    • Effectiveness and efficiency (5 points)

    Yes, top 3 submissions will win exciting awards, eligible performers will get hiring opportunities & all the participants will walk away with a ‘Certificate of Participation’.

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      You can also email us directly at