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Persistent Named a Rising Star in ISG Provider Lens™ U.S. 2022 for Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem

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The 2022 ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Reports for Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem focuses on five key dimensions of the emergent Google Cloud ecosystem i.e., Implementation and Integration Services, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Managed Services, SAP Workloads, and Workspace Services.

Google Cloud has become one of the most prominent cloud and technology providers in the world. The technology giant’s capabilities and services have evolved rapidly in recent years, with Google Cloud underpinning the data workloads and applications of many of the world’s leading enterprises. Enterprises that are taking an AI-driven innovation route to pivot to digitalization are naturally levitating to Google as one of the key hyperscaler platforms, given its proven prowess in the AI technologies and algorithms space.

The ISG Provider Lens™ study offers IT decision-makers the following:

Transparency on the strengths and weaknesses of relevant providers

A differentiated positioning of providers by segments

A perspective on different markets, including Australia, Brazil, Europe, and the U.S.

Persistent a Rising Star in Implementation and Integration Services

Persistent a Rising Star in Implementation and Integration Services

This quadrant assesses partner’s relative positioning and capabilities, managed service and how the providers’ offerings can impact an enterprise’s ongoing transformation initiatives.

Persistent Systems’ strengths in digital engineering and the quality of their design and service delivery make them a highly sought-after partner.

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Persistent a Rising Star in Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Persistent a Rising Star in Data Analytics and Machine Learning

This quadrant assesses the partner’s relative positioning and helps understands the provider ecosystem for Google Cloud data analytics and machine learning services in the U.S.

Persistent Systems offers integrative DAML capabilities and projects, spanning across IoT, digital engineering, and platform innovations, to a range of U.S. and global clients.

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Persistent Systems enable clients to achieve integrated digital innovation capabilities on GCP that span across AIoT - Artificial Intelligence of Things and machine data, big data and ML applications in different sectors and industry verticals.
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