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Product Engineering and Operational Technology Services Profile — A Singular Focus on Software

This IDC Vendor Profile analyzes Persistent Systems across various parameters including Persistent’s company strategy, vision, service offerings, revenue, and infrastructure metrics as well as future opportunities and challenges.

Mukesh Dialani, Program Director – Product Engineering and Operations Technology/Services at IDC, shares his take on Persistent’s Product Engineering capabilities:
On Persistent’s Strategy

Technology businesses are evaluating their product portfolios and how they go to market as business models evolve and the technology industry grapples with new software-driven disruptors. This market reality forms the genesis of Persistent’s strategy as the company uses its strengths in software development (not to be confused with IT or application services) and combines it with Agile and DevOps methodologies to design scalable and interoperable product architectures.

On Software 4.0

Persistent’s Software 4.0 outlines the mindset of driving the top line and improving the bottom line through software, in every industry and business.

On Investments in Emerging Tech

Persistent’s investments around innovation accelerators such as ML, AI, IoT, and other emerging technologies to transform its own delivery process and customers’ software product/solution will have a positive impact on growth.

On Persistent’s Strengths

Software product engineering is core to everything at Persistent. Its domain and business focus, Software 4.0 methodology along with its partnership strategy are some of Persistent’s key strengths.


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