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Strengthen ties with partners. Show value to your customers. Energize and engage your employees. These are all key things that any successful company – or one that wants to be – has to do. But how?  In and of themselves each of these objectives can take a committee of Development, Sales and HR.  But here at Persistent we see and do things differently and we’re not constrained by typical corporate silos or orthodoxy.

This was really on display last month when we celebrated the first anniversary of our Appian Center of Excellence (CoE) in Columbus, OH. We’ve created a great 90 second video recap of it which you can see here.

At heart, Persistent is a technology and software company driven by almost 10,000 knowledge workers. At the core of our strategy for Digital Transformation is to partner and closely work with the strongest platforms that enable our customers’ journeys to digital, such as Appian, a leader in Business Process Management.

Last year we established our Appian CoE to create a collaborative hub where our best minds could work together to create new and compelling solutions built on the Appian platform. After all, as Bob Kramer, GM and co-founder at Appian said “We need partners to build value on the platform.”

Hackathons are central to Persistent culture. They invigorate and challenge our team members while deliver real-world applications that often bring immediate commercial results. We hold hackathons throughout the year, the largest being our annual Semicolons event in February. So for our one year celebration with Appian we couldn’t think of a better way to anchor the celebration than by inviting some key customers to present problem sets and see how our developers would leverage the Appian platform to solve them.

Here’s a snapshot of the problem statements:

  • Automate the complete deployment workflow for any Appian application, utilizing Appian Public APIs to inspect and import packages into a specific Appian environment without requiring a deployment team member to login to the Appian environment to complete the deployment.
  • From an end-user perspective “Establish Enterprise Reference Data as part of their Appian based application’s in order to Avoid Duplicating data and Establish better data governance by providing systematic way to manage the reference data.
  • Create a lifecycle tool that can take a project from the intake process, through governance review, into requirements gathering, resulting in design and deployment.
  • Build a Claim Management System in order to use rules and take actions like sending notifications and kicking workflows based the configurable business rules.

Throughout the night teams organized themselves, lived #Agile and focused on the various Persistent Activity challenges, which represented coding and delivery, despite whatever real world scenarios were thrown at them. Several fresh and senior developers mentioned that they loved seeing issues that helped them focused on a specific industry problem. Teams composed of both onsite and offsite members ingeniously seamlessly worked together demonstrating the power of Agile and what can be accomplished when “problems” are treated with alacrity. That’s a pretty remarkable result for one 24-hour sprint!

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