New rules of the game of service delivery by Digital Transformation!

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We are starting to see significant shifts in how customers are sourcing and looking for service delivery models that combine proximity, innovation, agility and cross-skilled talent. This is a challenge for delivery models based on traditional approaches to systems integration or IT outsourcing. These models, optimized for size and specialization, are now being challenged by the unpredictable speed of digital disruption and in customers’ transformation journeys.

Digital transformation is changing the rules of the game of service delivery and consumption. Today, it is possible to do more with fewer people and in lesser time. New business models are being built by smaller teams using entire technology stacks, with active customer involvement. Speed with customer-specific or micro-industry focused innovation are now key differentiators. These are characteristic of software development and product engineering than IT services.

Persistent Systems has been consistently recognized as a pioneer and leader for software product development. Our customers including Silicon Valley start-ups and born-digital companies are at the forefront of innovation. Partnering with them in their innovation journey sharpens our focus on speed. Our software product DNA is a reason why our agile delivery capabilities rate among the best in the industry. This uniquely positions us to serve customers in the business of software (ISV) as well as enterprises across industries who are becoming software-driven in their business.

Our strengths are now relevant to a larger market, as enterprises across industries look for speed and the ability to continuously co-innovate. Our focus on the industry shifts or convergence in the worlds of finance, life sciences and healthcare as well as media and communications combined with our software product DNA create significant growth opportunities for us.

A little over three years ago, I was attracted to Persistent by the challenge of scaling a company focused on speed and innovation. Building scale in teams, practices and organizations have always excited me. Now, I look forward to combining my passion for scale with the market need for continuous speed to grow the Services business of Persistent Systems.

Executive Director and President – Services

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