Agile and DevOps CoP conducted the 4th Agile DevOps Day 2020 annual event. The pandemic situation called for this event to be totally virtual this year. The primary objective of this event is to emphasize the agile and DevOps mindset, principles, and practices and celebrate excellence in Agile and DevOps adoption.

As a curtain-raiser to the Agile DevOps Day 2020, a series of activities were conducted virtually.

  • DevOps pipeline competition: We had 25 entries across the globe competing to showcase the best DevOps implementations that they follow in their teams.

Runner Up Teams:

Runner Up Teams

Winning Team:

Winning Team

  • Online Quiz – 2 online quizzes were conducted around Agile and DevOps in the month of November. We received an overwhelming response of 1000 + for the same.
  • Learning Agile and DevOps via games: It was a unique experience to all the program teams who participated in 90-minute fun activities to learn Agile and DevOps via games. Below is a snapshot of learning Scrum via the online Brick pass game.

Learning Agile and DevOps via games

  • AgileVita BU wide quiz competition: 8 teams competed in a fierce competition that tested their Agile and DevOps knowledge. In a nail-biting finish, we had 2 BUs emerge as the joint winners.

AgileVita BU wide quiz competition

  • Expert Talks on Agile and DevOps: The highlight of Agile DevOps Day 2020 was the talks where 13 experts came and gave insightful talks around Agile and DevOps.

Expert Talks on Agile and DevOps

The videos for all the Talks can be found watch here

It has been a fun-filled exhilarating journey. Stay tuned for AgileDevOpsDay 2021!!!