Persistent Systems Receives the Highest Scores for Overall Capabilities in the Ovum Decision Matrix for Distributed Agile Delivery Models

Persistent Systems (BSE & NSE: PERSISTENT) has the strongest overall capabilities for Distributed Agile Delivery of services, according to the just-released report Ovum Decision Matrix: Distributed Agile Delivery Models 2016-2017. Persistent Systems was ranked best in the important criteria of Project Management and Consulting Capabilities for Agile, and also ranks in the top three of all vendors studied for Agile Utilization and for Tools and Training Metrics.

Agile is core to the vision of Software 4.0, a vision for a software driven everything world.

Specific Strengths and Mentions about Persistent Systems from the Report
  • Strong understanding of what agile means in terms of the wider organizational context and the ability to help clients realize full benefits of agile adoption.
  • Robust training and certification programs that support Persistent’s efforts to educate the entire delivery organization around agile principles.
  • Strong industry partnerships add multidimensional collaboration and gamification capabilities to agile offerings.
  • Small but highly respected consulting organization comprising a good mix of consultants and practitioners.
Quotes and Excerpts by Hansa Iyengar, Analyst, IT Services – Ovum

“Persistent took the lead in the Capability Matrix Category, outperforming the larger outsourcers and system integrators in this report. This lead and the top score in project management and consulting category are based on its mature and practical approach to helping clients understand the business implications of adopting agile (or otherwise) across transformative engagements.”

“Persistent doesn’t just deliver agile, it is agile. It uses that experience to bring a heavily tailored approach, customized to the culture of each individual customer for agile transformation. As their customers move incrementally toward greater agile maturity and adoption they are able to build alignment across IT and business to help their enterprises understand and embrace the relevance and power of agile.”

For more excerpts and charts from the Ovum report.

Munjay Singh, President, Services – Persistent Systems

“IT services or outsourcing optimized for cost, size, specialization, and predictable speeds is archaic and dying. The future, which is here, is about smaller teams, shorter timeframes, and full stack technology expertise with active customer involvement. Customers win not just by responding to, but actually anticipating fast-changing market conditions. Our unique history with software development and product engineering at the very core of our DNA has given us this deep expertise in Agile.”

Anand Deshpande, Founder and CEO – Persistent Systems

“Software 4.0 is the inevitability of software driven everything, a revolution on the scale of Industry 4.0 and the future of factories and industrial manufacturing. Things, experiences, and business models are becoming software driven, powering the emergence of DevOps and continuous engineering along with the new found appreciation and need for Agile. With our leadership in Agile, Software 4.0 is shaping the next wave of growth and differentiation for Persistent.”

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Persistent Systems (BSE & NSE: PERSISTENT) builds software that drives the business of our customers; enterprises and software product companies with software at the core of their digital transformation.

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