Are You as Smart as Your Car?

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And you thought it was tough keeping up with your kids as you help them with their homework!

Now there’s a chance your car might be getting smarter than you!!

Dr. Sri Jagannathan, Chief Innovation Officer at Persistent Systems, writes about the advent of the smart car and why we should be looking at VIQ Vehicle Intelligence Quotient.

As Sri explains, The VIQ is a qualitative index on a scale of 0 to 200, on a four axis system of Consciousness, Awareness, Reactivity and Proactivity. This scale is intended to be comparable to the Human IQ scale, so that we can relate human intelligence to a machine’s intelligence. Read more about VIQ here

We’re excited that Sri will be sharing his insights with us and hope you’ll join in the conversation.

Be sure to follow Sri on LinkedIn here.

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