Tackling the Cloud Migration Quandary

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At Persistent, we have been finding a common trend amongst our customers: enterprises are challenged with systematically identifying, categorizing and assessing on-premise applications for Cloud migration. With the seemingly daunting and difficult task of Cloud migration, business leaders feel the need to understand migration criteria along with an analysis of the ROI and TCO perspective.

Cloud migration is similar to a backpacking trip: without a map, a proper plan, and the correct tools, it is easy for a business to get lost. Given the limited luggage space, we can bring only what is necessary, likewise understanding the reasoning and potential benefits of moving applications to the Cloud, from both a business and technical standpoint is critical for success.

In the current landscape, most of the assessment tools are primitive; data collection consists of interviewing IT and business users. Assessments of inaccurate data are carried out manually and lack clarity with respect to understanding the actual workloads associated with an application.

What enterprises need is a tool that can provide a clear analysis of the assessment and takes into account not only the business perspective, but also the workload of an application and then assess its viability for Cloud migration. Enterprises need a tool that will enable them to draw an accurate assessment with real data to justify the categorization of the applications, along with a ROI/TCO comparison between an on-premise deployment and the Cloud.

Persistent has built a tool which we feel addresses the above mentioned challenges, click here for test drive and let us know your feedback.

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