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By and far the most significant happenings in the world in last couple of decades are around the Internet reaching out to the masses. It has truly become a vehicle for people to interact. The proliferation of the Internet and mobile technologies in the developing countries has changed and is actually changing the world. One cannot anymore imagine a world without being connected to social software.

Interestingly while these changes have had far reaching effects personally, they are just about showing up within the enterprise. Using the ubiquitous corporate firewall, enterprises have kept Work separated from Social Activities for their employees. Social is often looked at as the unproductive part of the work day. However a new era is slowly dawning wherein the executives are realizing the power of Social to get work done! Can Work be done the Social way? If so, how does one go about doing that?

These are hard questions with no clear consensus yet. At Persistent, we have been building collaboration software for the last ten years while more recently working with enterprises on their collaboration strategy as well. We got some of our experts to look at the above problem.

The result: A series of whitepapers addressing various aspects of this journey. I am pleased to present the first in this series: Developing an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy. This whitepaper will walk executives through the nuances of the enterprise social dilemma and further lays out a road map of how enterprises can embrace a Social road map today. Any thoughts and comments on the whitepaper with insights from your side would be greatly appreciated.

Where are you in the Enterprise Social voyage? We would love to hear from you whether you are midship or looking to get started. Like in all other journeys, man learns from man.

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