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Overcome your IoT implementation speed bumps with a Connect & Visualize Approach.

Persistent Systems is a product engineering services company that has been in business for 25 years. Last week I sat down with Persistent Systems to gain some insight into some of the trends they’ve seen in enterprise IoT implementations, and to learn more about how their Connect & Visualize approach has helped customers bring IoT ideaas to market faster.

Question: Can you tell us how Persistent is evolving its existing operating model to address the needs of customers interested in IoT?

Persistent Systems’ fundamental business model has revolved around four main pillars:

  • The first pillar focuses on product engineering services or Services Unit – our traditional business model of outsourced product development focused on delivering services to the customer requirements.
  • The second pillar includes the Digital Unit, which will build solutions for Enterprise Digital Transformation, helping customers transform themselves to become software-driven businesses and helping them respond to the changing environment and demands.
  • The third pillar is focused on IBM business, where Persistent partners with IBM on a variety of engagements from developing IP in conjunction with IBM solutions, implementing solutions with IBM’s products and offerings and assisting with product development of IBM’s products
  • The fourth pillar of business is the Products Unit. Over the years Persistent has acquired products from other companies, and, they’ve also built some of their own.

In response to the demand in IoT implementations, Persistent is partnering with IBM on Watson IoT and Bluemix Platforms. Our goal is to go both independently, as well as with IBM to enterprises to build solutions leveraging Bluemix, Watson IoT Platforms, and related services.

Within this new space, Persistent is offering a “Connect and Visualize” offering that accelerates a customer’s journey from IoT data capture to visualizing insights. The main intent is to enable customers to quickly connect and visualize their device/asset data to gain actionable insights from their data (IoT sensor data as well as enterprise and external sources). In this capacity, Persistent facilitates an engagement strategy called the “Flywheel” approach, that engages a customer in a rhythm of innovation to build purpose specific IoT applications. The approach allows connectivity and insight visualizations to be built on a tiered complexity model ranging from simple to complex.

Comprised of teams organized in squads, the Persistent team essentially parachutes in to assist development organizations overcome common IoT speed bumps by recolonizing the use of improved analytics, as an important ROI driver for IoT implementations; and by creating visualization to use as an effective method of gaining insight and CXO buy-in for the larger transformational IoT projects.

Note – This post was originally published on IBM’s blog site on 12 October 2016, by .

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