CSI India IT 2020 Conference: Workshop On Collaboration Techniques

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I committed to my friend M. D. Agrawal that I will do a workshop at the CSI India IT 2020 Conference in Mumbai on Collaboration Techniques and Tools.

When I signed up about six months back, I did not know much about this subject but was generally curious. I find that committing to prepare a tutorial is a good way to find out and learn about a new subject.

I had done the same for data warehousing and then for e-commerce several years back. For the last six months, I have been reading and trying out various tools in this space. It has been a fascinating experience for me. I have learnt a lot of new things.

I am slated to deliver this on Tuesday, 27 January in Mumbai and I sure am under pressure to complete my slide deck. I will have more on this subject after the event.

– Anand

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  • Apurv

    I am very keen on learning more about your CSI India IT 2020 workshop in Mumbai on Collaboration Techniques and Tools. You had talked about this in your first blog as well in November. Please share with your reader’s more details about this workshop.
    Waiting in anticipation,

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