Digital Transformation of the BSS/OSS

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Digital Transformation of the BSSOSS



Much like a home renovation or remodeling project, more often than not, you do not need to throw out the “baby with the bathwater” when dealing with transformation of your B/OSS systems. There are some best practices that we have successfully used in several engagements to refresh and enhance existing investments of service provider customers. Home ownership being so central to the American social fabric, and being a DIYer myself I have taken the liberty to draw some parallels.

api layer – Wrapping your existing OSS/BSS service delivery platforms in a standardized and metered api layer can have several benefits. It will enable you to transition to a web paced, enterprise app development model for launching new internal and external services. The transition to a web paced app development model adds a layer of flexibility and agility to your BSS/OSS that was earlier missing taking you to multiple app release cycles per quarter as opposed to 1-2 per year while enabling 2 sided business models to monetize the core assets of the service provider by enabling 3rd party app developers to place bets on monetizing them. Another advantage of the api layer is that having virtualized functions and mapped interfaces, your dependency on specific vendors can be contained over time. Should certain vendor products be end of life or sub optimal, they can be suitably replaced without impacting every other element in the architecture.

Cloud – Move functions to elastic private or public cloud where applicable. The elasticity pairs well with the api layer to enable new business models for “sip before you gulp” and for highly malleable subscription and transaction monetization models.

UX refresh – Thinking with a “mobile first” hat on and keeping user needs and the capabilities of the latest smartphone, tablets, smart watches in mind, refresh your target audiences’ user experience. Wether the audience is internal to an enterprise,  users in another business (b2b) or end consumers (b2c)…one can make massive improvement in form, function, utility and usability to rejuvenate a BSS/OSS system that may have come together as an outcome of a series of M&A events.

Analytics – Bolt on an anlaytics layer that provides the insights that will serve to fortify the basis of the forays into different business models and apps that you would launch using the power of api, cloud and mobile first UX. There are platforms available today that can layer alongside your existing infrastructure, pull structured and unstructured data from numerous sources and take you from scratch to insights in days, not months.

Engage – Engage your audience using social communities, loyalty programs and ramification. This will serve to deflect some of the operational support costs as also to cross promote and monetize engaged eyeballs.

There are several examples of service providers who have embarked down this path already…viz. the cellphone industry where innovative data plan sharing business models have gained massive popularity, as also more recently “make your own video bundle” launch from one of the large VSPs allowing users to be in control of easily changing the channels in their subscription bundles. As the digital transformation of service provider OSS/BSS picks up pace, expect more service innovation to knock on the consumers doorsteps.

Of course much as in a home improvement project, you have to choose the right experts, to guide you through the transformation process. Or as they say in the DIY industry – “You can do it…we can help”.

N.B. All marks and slogans are the property of their respective owners.

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