Don’t Tinder your OpenStack Relationship!

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A Tinder reference on an technology company blog?  That might be a first! One of our outstanding solutions architects David Peraza, will explain to you why and share his insights to approaching OpenStack solutions. We’re giving you a tease of his post here – for the complete article you can click here.

Love at first sight is great and all, but we all know you really need to get to know someone before you marry them!  We think that seems obvious enough, right? You need to know what you’re getting into before you make a long term commitment.

Same goes for major purchases (are we romantics or what!). Let people try out what they are going to buy. That practice has worked since barter and trade appeared as one of the main drivers of human innovation. It worked particularly well when trade was in its infancy, when a misunderstanding could lead you to a duel for your honor, and by the way also your life. That is really taking caveat emptor seriously! Today, we don’t fight to death to resolve trade misunderstandings, for the most part, we tend to use legal systems and rule of law, which can just seem like a slow death… and of course a lot of patience. Have you been in a situation, however, where you feel you have been mugged after actually getting that online order? It does not feel, smell, and perform as described and shown in the picture. Sometimes I really feel like walking to the store to play with the toys I’m going to buy.

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