OK, I know over the years everyone has tortured to death plays on “dream” for Dreamforce… But I love an excuse to link this Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald song, so you’re welcome! Go ahead and play it while you read this, it will put you in a better mood!

So, only a few weeks now until Dreamforce (October 4-7 in San Francisco), one of our most strategic partner Salesforce’s huge annual conference. And anyone who has been there knows it’s HUGE. So find your way through the thousands of people and meet us in the Healthcare section (we’ll have our exact location # shortly).

I look at that photo up there of Marc Benioff stopping by to see us a couple of years ago and it gets me reflecting on our amazing partnership and what it’s meant to Persistent. I am not overstating it when I say that Salesforce has really helped us drive our vision of Software 4.0 – a world in which everything is software-driven. And this is really seen in healthcare. We’ve not only helped develop the Salesforce Health Cloud platform, we’re using it to work on a number of cutting edge projects around the world. That’s what Software 4.0 is all about.

Meet us at Dreamforce

One of our really intriguing partnerships with Salesforce is at Father Martin’s Ashley, a national leader in the treatment of alcoholism and chemical dependency. The Persistent Systems Physician and Patient Relationship Management Salesforce Fullforce Solution, a mobile-enabled solution built on the Salesforce Service Cloud enables healthcare providers to fill critical gaps in patient acquisition, referral, engagement, care transition, coordination and discharge. By providing an agility layer around existing and siloed EMRs and related applications, disparate processes and traditionally siloed data, this suite of accelerators is a significant step in driving unified physician-provider-patient engagement and care transition.

Peter Bilsky, CIO at Father Martin’s Ashley, explains: “Working with Persistent to deploy their healthcare accelerator suite on Salesforce across our teams we’re now able to bring together campaign management, marketing KPI dashboards, referral management and CRM functionality in one place. This allows us to significantly improve our outreach to prospective patients and families, streamline onboarding and improve the effectiveness of our readmissions and wellness programs so that our patients can live productive, healthy and happy lives.”

Meet us at Dreamforce, San Franscisco

Persistent Systems has created what we call a healthcare mosaic, where our solutions encompass the full range of physician-patient solutions imaginable to provider easier, faster and more efficient digital interaction. I’ll talk more about that mosaic in later posts, but the Salesforce platform has been critical to these implementations and we continue to work closely with the Salesforce team to keep enhancing our joint solutions.”

Just last month Salesforce and Persistent announced a tele-health solution introducing two-way live video chat from patients’ mobile devices.

Man, I am super excited for the future. These are amazing times we live in, and it’s great to be living them with Salesforce!

See you in San Francisco!