Interesting uses of Enterprise Social Networks

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Enterprise Social Networks keep employees better engaged, resulting in an increase of connectedness in the workplace, resulting in better collaboration amongst dispersed teams. In an enterprise multiple networks exists,some examples being email exchange and internal workflow based applications. Enterprises that can efficiently derive insights from the content that exists in these various social networks can benefit immensely and have an edge over its competitors.

Here are some of the overlooked uses of Enterprise Social Networks:

  • Find the influencers– Once the business conversations are shifted to an Enterprise Social Network, it is evident that the influencers in an organization are the ones who can make things happen. With data from conversations it is easy to mine for these influencers and these conclusions precious and many times surprising. The influencers are not always popular, high ranking, etc. However, in order to make these conclusions, one needs sufficient data to back it up.
  • Find the expertsUsing the data in a Social Network, it is easy to find people who are often approached for solving certain problems. These are your experts in the organization. Further, Search Based Applications (SBAs) are a popular tool to use jointly on internal social media and enterprise applications to find expertise. Enterprise applications supply data about which assignments a particular employee is involved in, while Social Media provides the conversations that an employee is involved in. Merging these two data points can reveal trends concerning expertise in the organization.
  • Cut Issue Resolution Costs Issue resolution can be time consuming for both internal employees and external customers. More often than not, the time for resolution is high due to inappropriate alignment of skills with the issues. A good Enterprise Social Network can be used to find these anomalies and quickly take corrective action. Further the social network itself can be a source of many do-it-yourself resolutions, yielding substantial time and cost savings.
  • Uncover Hot Spots-Merging information from emails from employees with a corresponding issue tracking system that can provide a fairly accurate indication of a hot-spot, a location with high amounts of activity. Sentiments within emails can indicate whether the hot-spot is positive or negative, an excellent tool for senior management, enabling them to proactively diffuse situations before they happen.

Since Social Networks are people centric tools, it is natural that we spot “soft” issues in them, something we were unable to do in the past. Enterprise Social Networks are still catching up with the consumer social media. However, the information contained in a mature Enterprise Social Network is an extremely valuable tool that Senior Management cannot afford to ignore.

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