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Mind over Matter!!

Scene 1 – A big discussion around strategies to improve customer relationships. Executives were talking of strategies to put in place processes and systems to track QBR’s. There were metrics being discussed around number of times a manager should talk to her customer. There was a small PMO being setup to track all of these.

Scene 2 –  The discussion this time was around ways and means to ensure that managers gave regular performance feedback to their teams. Once again there was talk of a process and systems to ensure that this happened and the metrics to track the same.

Scene 3 – An executive suddenly figured out that her sales pipeline numbers in the CRM did not seem to reflect what she was hearing in her reviews. She called a meeting and set up a small task force to hound every Sales person to update the CRM. The task force was also asked to send her daily reports.

These are just some of the scenes that happen regularly in most organizations. Tactical measures are taken to fix the problem but the root causes are almost never addressed. Result being that a few months down the line, the problems resurface.

When people say that things do not happen because of lack of systems and processes, that is only a very small part of the story and in most cases these are just excuses.

So what is going wrong?

Organizations need to start looking deeper. If one observes closely, all the above mentioned issues are to a large extent linked to behaviours. Behaviours are driven by the personality of the individual in question, the mind sets.

For example, could the reason for an underperforming customer relationship be that the individual responsible for that relationship is averse to building relationships in general? Could it be that this individual is very low on empathy and hence is not able to appreciate the customer from a human perspective?

Could the reason for a manager not giving regular feedback to her team be that she doesn’t believe in giving feedback and feels that people should be self-aware? Or could it be that she is afraid to give negative feedback when called for and hence avoids giving feedback?

Could the reason for a Sales person to not update the CRM be that he becomes a rebel without a cause whenever there is any situation that demands discipline?

Most organizations have comprehensive trainings programs to help people in areas related to competencies, the things that you need to do your job. It is time that they also put adequate focus on developing the right behaviours and mindsets within their teams.

For a start, organizations need to have a mechanism to profile their people on the behavioural front. Interventions like BEI can help in this regard. Developmental programs can then be designed to work with people on different behavioural aspects based on their profile. Areas like empathy, collaboration, self awareness, accountability can be taken up as potential developmental areas.

As the teams becomes more aware and start to work on some of these aspects, the need for organizations to invest enormous bandwidth in unnecessary systems, processes and follow ups will start to decrease.

I would love to hear your views and thoughts on this so keep them coming!!

Image Credits: peagama.wordpress.com

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