How to SaaS-Enable Your Application?

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is picking up steam and the world of software applications and products is moving from on-premise to SaaS model. Gartner predicts that 77% of companies plan to increase their spending on SaaS in the next two years.

The question is how can you (as a software application or product vendor) quickly move to SaaS, test it and ride the wave of opportunity before losing your specific competitive advantage to some of the fast-progressing SaaS vendors like Workday, Oracle,, SAP, Microsoft, Intuit, and Zuora. The next question is – what should one do in order to SaaS-enable an existing application or a product?

Having seen many product teams struggle for months with just putting together the basic understanding and plan, here are some ideas on how to think about and devise a detailed SaaS-enablement strategy from an engineering perspective. In my article in the Cloud Computing Journal, I’ve divided my suggestions into three SaaS-enablement strategy pillars for engineering – SaaS architecture, SaaS design thinking, and SaaS implementation planning. These pillars will help frame your thinking and help develop a fully baked thought process that will ‘concretize’ your SaaS-enablement roadmap. With the right mindset and experience, SaaS enablement of your software product could be a quick possibility – as little as six weeks.

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