“Salesforce Unveils Telehealth Solution for Salesforce Health Cloud, Enabling Two-Way Video to Drive Deeper Patient Engagement”

 In Healthcare and Life Sciences

There are unlimited use cases for live video chat between a patient and a member of the care team.  Here’s three:

  1. When managing a patient with chronic conditions, adding video chat and the ability for a nurse to do a visual assessment, in addition to standard remote monitoring tools, increases the quality of the patient/provider relationship and produces better outcomes for patients.
  2. For post-op surgical patients, such as joint replacement, the initial care coordinator interventions include assessment of the surgical site, live video engagement makes that possible and far more accurate, without requiring a face to face visit.
  3. A successful virtual care model, utilizing a nurse practitioner and live video chat, can eliminate the need for an urgent care or primary care visit for common ailments. This model can reduce time from diagnosis to treatment and allow a care provider to treat the patient at home where they are safe and comfortable.

These are all successful strategies for managing patients in risk-based care models to increase the quality of care while reducing the total cost of care.

Persistent Systems can help integrate live video chat into your care coordination program and offers a suite of tools and solutions built on the Salesforce Health Cloud platform.

Learn more about Persistent Systems and Salesforce Health Cloud with SOS: Salesforce Telehealth Solution

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