People, organizations, and connected things are continually evolving to form an increasingly digital world. This digital world is being constructed on the bedrock of identity security driven by technology practitioners and thought leaders with a shared vision. This is what the Identiverse 2019 is all about. Identiverse brings together the smartest minds in identity and security to share the technologies and best practices that are designed for today and the future. It aims to help enterprises appreciate the complete potential of a digital world—one where identity ensures secure and seamless digital experiences for everyone.

At Persistent, we believe that software-driven transformations must be continuous to keep up with new and emerging technology waves. As we focus on digital transformation in the Identity and Access Management arena, we like to keep up with new and upcoming players who want to disrupt this space. As part of this discovery, we had an opportunity to spend some time with the following start-ups in this space.


As cloud adoption increases, the security and risk aspects of moving to the cloud have to be well understood and clients have to understand the shared-security model of a cloud architecture. Britive embraces the opportunity of the cloud and helps organizations overcome the inherent challenges and risks presented by the cloud. The main thing that caught our eye is their focus on privileged access on cloud and how they should be managed/controlled to reduce risk. They believe that thoughtfully managed cloud privileged access delivers tangible business benefits, such as the reduced likelihood of security breaches, lowered administrative costs, and enhanced regulatory and audit compliance. They achieve this using unmatched visibility and control, centrally defined policies & governance, and unified monitoring & detection.


Confluxsys is an Information Security Management product with a focus on Identity Governance. We spent time with founder Rahul Jha to get his perspective on the challenge of role mining, role definition, and certification. This is a non-trivial problem for a large organization and their approach of breaking the problem down and looking for patterns in smaller subsets looks promising. The solution also helps validate, correlate, analyze, cleanse, review, and resolve the access data quality related issues and enrich entitlement data with business information.

Trusted Key

With self-sovereign identity’s promise of giving identity control back to the owner, there were many sessions at Identiverse related to SSI. There are many start-ups as well as established players talking about SSI and looking at standards, frameworks and products in this space. Trusted Key has come up with a compelling solution that allows digital ecosystems to enhance security, avoid identity fraud, and improve customer experience with password-less authentication and transaction authorization. Their solution makes user acquisition on digital channels easier while helping customers fulfil business and regulatory requirements.


ideiio is an Identity Governance and Administration platform with a promise to be cost-effective, fast to deploy, and easy to manage. They aim to give more out-of-the-box functionality for identity governance with minimal customization. Looking forward to learning more about this and how an organization can migrate from a complex legacy ID governance system to ideiio.

Transmit Security

Transmit Security comes with a single platform to orchestrate authentication, authorization, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, and account opening across all channels and applications. Their omni-channel security and a single platform that offers all the functionality is a key differentiator among all the other offerings in this space. The promise of easier deployment and administration of security policies and enforcement make them an interesting choice for organizations that are trying to modernize their IAM infrastructure via consolidation and accelerate multiple initiatives in the identity space while still supporting their existing IAM technologies.

As businesses grow beyond current boundaries, regulations and privacy concerns are forcing them to be responsible with their customers’ data. Identity and security are integral as companies utilize the reach and elasticity of cloud platforms. Systems that enable a business to expand its knowledge of customer identity in an agile, secure, and privacy-aware method become the drivers of business growth. Persistent’s security expertise and offerings help our customers deliver and protect value when composing technology for their digital transformation.