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This inspiring tale dates back to the reign of Shivaji Maharaj. Hirkani was an ordinary milkmaid dwelling at the foothills of Fort Raigad. She would go up to the fort each morning to sell milk and head back home before the gates of the fort were shut at nightfall. One day, she took longer than usual to sell the milk in her stock. By the time she reached the fort gates, they were already shut for the day. The guards were reluctant to open the gates, as it was against the royal orders. Hirkani pleaded the guards to let her go, as her baby was waiting for her to come back home. When the guards wouldn’t budge, she took the risk of climbing down a vertical cliff of the fort at dark night to reach to her baby against all odds. Therefore, Hirkani is considered an epitome of tenacity, perseverance, courage, and hard work.

On the occasion of Woman’s week, we wish to salute many such modern-day ‘Hirkanis’ who take immense efforts to strike a perfect balance between their work and personal life. We present to you the astonishing journey of Rashmi Tambe, Account Manager, Persistent Systems.

Rashmi Tambe completed her MCS in 2001 and joined the Persistent family in 2003. With a decade long association with Persistent, she has been a witness to several milestone achievements of our organization. Currently, she leads one of the multi-million accounts in Persistent which she seeded with a very small project team 3 years back. She feels that she has come a long way due to painstaking work and great team efforts so far.

Rashmi feels, managing work and home front simultaneously is no cakewalk. The ever increasing work pressures can make her days laboriously long. Her family especially her 4 year old daughter, suffer immensely because of her haywire schedule. Having said that, she feels she is blessed with a great family support system and an unconditionally supporting mother-in-law! But at the end of the day, there is always the guilt of not being able to spend enough time with her child. To make up for it, she makes it a point to spend quality time with her daughter by amending her schedule whenever possible. She feels, women are naturally adept at multitasking be it feeding kids while taking calls, or attending PTA meetings in midst of escalations. But believing strongly in your abilities & not losing focus due to domestic responsibilities helps you get there.

Rashmi says, To become a real modern-day Hirkani, women should not fear to take calculated risks & believe in their abilities to carry out difficult tasks. It may seem like a vertical steep path, but nowadays, we are so much empowered with information that any unknown task can easily become known expertise! Also, qualities like perseverance and courage to speak your mind openly help immensely. I have never thought of myself any less than my colleagues and have been very vocal about my steadfast opinions and that helps. Rashmi being a marathon runner herself encourages contemporary Hirkanis to invest in physical fitness diligently in order to achieve strong mental fitness & focus required for demanding work.

As far as Persistent is concerned, Rashmi finds the work culture to be open & encouraging, with ample opportunities to learn new things. There is transparent access to senior management, employee-friendly policies, zero tolerance against harassment; all of which make Persistent a highly secure place for female employees to work.

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  • Dr. Sachin Mohan Bhide

    This is an inspirational story, great work!

  • vaishali

    Really inspiring !
    I am new to Persistent family to talk about the persistent environment.
    I too have a 5 year old daughter and definitely would like to be a Hirkani …

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