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Biomedical research has been inherently a slow process, encompassing enormous complexities in hopes of making successful discoveries. In the end, significant analysis and validation are required before the research is adopted. With stringent regulations in place, accelerating the pace and maintaining research quality can be a tricky business. Moreover the new disease patterns, shifting environmental landscapes and ever changing lifestyle habits are all calling out for catalyst which can help accelerate the pace of research and discovery process. Biomedical R&D would require an equalizer to help bring the required balance of pace and quality.

Recent advancements in new technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Collaboration, and Mobility are enabling biomedical researchers overcome these challenges, thus tech-Enabling the biomedical R&D process.

Big Data Analytics

Massive data processing is required throughout all biomedical and translational research processes as well as personalized therapeutics. Unfortunately, Big Data is complicated to say the least. Not only are there massive volumes of data, the data itself consists of diverse formats including clinical observations, laboratory, imaging, registry, molecular, bio specimen, genomics, and reference data, etc. In addition, this data arrives from various distributed sources including research centers, hospitals, practices, laboratories, registries, consumers, and many more making the data fragmented, unstructured and distributed. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to find meaningful results by analyzing and parsing such large volumes and disorganized data.

With the opening up of platforms such as Hadoop and MapReduce by companies like Google and Yahoo, processing and analyzing petabytes and exabyte’s of data has become significantly easier. The biomedical research community now has the ability to process clinical images, genomics, pathology and other types of structured and unstructured data, resulting in significant results in a surprisingly shorter time period. These technological advancements open up a whole new world of translational research and personalized therapeutics.


Biomedical research requires numerous iterations, experimentation, and validations. Wouldn’t it be great if regular activities of this process could happen in parallel to speed up the process? With technical innovations this is now possible. Collaborative platforms can offer researchers the potential of true participative science. Community portals, consortium platforms, and patient engagement portals all enable sharing, participating and analyzing research in a controlled and effective manner. Effective use of crowdsourcing principles that leverage the human resource potential in a collaborative fashion will improve research efficiencies.

For example, with increasing complexities in oncology treatments and symptoms, oncologists along with researchers, pathologists and other experts virtually gather to discuss specific cancer cases in controlled, collaborative environments through the effective use of technology platforms. These platforms, largely known as Tumor Boards , are just one instance of increased efficiency in science and patient care achieved through the effective use of collaboration tools.


Increased power of mobility devices has helped researcher’s access specific data anywhere. This omnipresence of data enables quick and easy real time processing and analysis. In addition, data collection can happen in near real time with the help of data entry platforms available on smartphones and tablets.

Collection and annotation of tissues right outside the operation room as well as remote patient treatments through effective telemedicine infrastructure in rural and remote areas are classic examples of how mobility devices are already playing a vital role in capturing accurate information for successful analysis and research.

Biomedical research and discoveries are imperative to transformational changes; and adapting to modern technological innovations will improve pace, efficiency and outcomes.

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