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The Sound of Music is a familiar movie to many of us bringing memories of the von Trapp family and Maria, the eccentric governess. The movie was actually based on a real life story. Maria entered the von Trapp household as a governess to care for the seven motherless von Trapp children. A few years later, she married Captain von Trapp, the children’s father and became the family matriarch. With the rise of the Nazi power and its atrocities, life soon became tough in Austria. Captain von Trapp was quite outspoken about his anti-Nazi views, which cost the von Trapps their fortune and family home in Salzburg. Pressure from the Nazis forced them to flee their country in search of a safer home. This was the beginning of the von Trapps’ musical journey. With a pledge to renew the family’s finances and status, Maria took the family’s reins in her hands. She trained the von Trapp children to sing, planned the performances, organized musical tours and controlled the family’s finances. With increasing popularity, the family traveled all over Europe and finally immigrated to the US. The von Trapps faced many hardships in their lives, but moved on bravely with Maria as their anchor.

Maria’s sound decisions surely navigated the family to safe waters. There have been many women throughout history, who have evolved themselves, donned the coat of decision maker and led people towards progress. On the occasion of Women’s day, we share with you the story of Anagha Vyas, Delivery Partner, Persistent Systems.

Anagha joined Persistent in 2004 as an SMTS, and today she is the Delivery Partner for Paxpro. She also heads Prerana, a Persistent Women’s forum that strives tomaintain a women-friendly environment within the organization. Recently, she has been promoted to take up her next big assignment as the head of Persistent’s new Center of Excellence in Ohio. So how does she feel about it? Anagha says, Right now, I feel like a trapeze artist. I am high in the air, have let go of the swing rod that I was holding on earlier and have jumped out to the next one. It is not in my grasp yet, so I am still in mid-air!

During her career, she has come across several challenges, be it from her team, her customers or herself! But Anagha has a unique way of dealing with them. She feels difficult situations are a norm in just about any field. Following Harry Potter’s philosophy, difficulties are like Boggarts sitting in the darkness within, ready to become whatever each of us fears the most! To overcome them, you just have to push past the fear with a strong mind and good concentration.

According to Anagha, decision making is an art. It involves, setting stretch goals and being open to course directions. To be a good decision maker, one must be sure of whatever decision he or she takes, stick to it at all costs and own the outcome. Anagha herself has taken some tough decisions during her life, both on personal and professional fronts. On the personal front, the decision to have a baby was a life changing experience for her and the arrival of her new baby completely changed her perspective on life. On the professional front, taking up the reins of Prerana has been a life changing decision. Anagha says, It has opened my minds to so many aspects of womanhood that I had never considered before. We have tremendous potential just waiting to be tapped.

So how does she relate herself to Maria von Trapp? According to Anagha, Maria was free spirited. She followed her heart when she came to crossroads in life. A brave heart, she stood for her cause by refusing to perform before Hitler. I, too, have been a rebel since childhood. Like Maria, I used to be in turmoil each time I stepped into the unknown. Choosing the easy path was always an option, but it was usually a path to mediocrity. And it did not feel right to settle for anything less than what life had intended for me. Today, I do not know what the future holds, but I intend to take the challenging path it has certainly not failed me so far!

Speaking about Persistent, Anagha says that she is proud to be with a company she believes in. It is a place where employees are not merely a headcount. The organization is a perfect confluence of learning opportunities and exceptionally talented people!

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  • Rahul Sharma

    Insightful and Inspiring. Loved the statement “Right now, I feel like a trapeze artist. I am high in the air, have let go of the swing rod that I was holding on earlier and have jumped out to the next one. It is not in my grasp yet, so I am still in mid-air!

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