The Power of Partners and Platforms in Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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It all began as a small conversation earlier this year at HIMSS.  A national leader in the treatment of alcoholism and chemical dependence looking for a Salesforce partner who could cover all aspects of their needs, collaborate to digitally transform their workflows, starting with the front-end. I took the meeting with Pete Bilsky, CIO for Father Martin’s Ashley and heard his very direct requests around how best to leverage Salesforce licenses they had purchased. He needed to know how best to work around multiple stakeholders, systems, data silos and a longer-term vision of digitally transforming their business. He wanted to start by focusing on the outreach and customer experience areas. I subsequently had the pleasure of visiting their beautiful campus by Chesapeake Bay, MD.

It goes to the heart of digital transformation as adeptly described by Gartner’s Mark Raskino & Graham Waller in their recent book Digital to the Core : how do you increase the fidelity and detail followed by understanding of events and outcomes while factoring in the compounding uncertainty of technology, culture and regulations and addressing the blurring boundaries between digital and physical customer experience?

Father Martin’s Ashley was looking for an able system integrator with depth of healthcare and data integration expertise. One who would team with them and work through their vision: integrate customer prospects, member, alumni, family, and donor management together in a cohesive manner starting with the prospects. Furthermore this fit very nicely into the scenario where Salesforce integrates experience around the EMR (system of record) and other data silos bringing increased agility from visibility, communication and coordination around key elements of data around their customers & members. The project got sanctioned by early summer and it all come together over several weeks and Father Martin’s Ashley went live earlier this year. It has started to enable Father Martin’s Ashley to experience multimodal engagement with their customer and start their digital transformation journey with an increased visibility and understanding around their members.

Father Martin’s Ashley is one among many use cases behind the Persistent healthcare solution on Salesforce and featured in our press release, which I hope you saw today, announcing our  Physician & Patient Relationship Managementaccelerator suite on the Salesforce platform. It comes after a year and half of working with Salesforce and its field team and based on the hundreds of discussions and scores of projects. It covers a spectrum of areas and is built on the knowledge base accumulated to deliver more targeted Salesforce deployments.

It comes on the heels of Salesforce announcement of Salesforce Health Cloud. We are quite proud of being a major contributor towards this platform and frankly honored to be singled out by Josh Newman, Salesforce CMO during the Healthcare keynote at Dreamforce and as anamed Health Cloud partner in their partner release.

What has been wonderful in the last year and half is building this breadth and depth of understanding of where healthcare is going. Working with several of the top 10 providers and the challenges they face in digitally transforming their businesses across people, process, systems and data has given us a deep and granular understanding that is now part and parcel of what we can bring discussions.  Some of these are baked into Health Cloud first release and others will be in subsequent releases.  More importantly we now have identified the numerous product and service extensions that come from the base: disease specific workflows, specific needs of service lines, ways in which communication and collaboration enhance productivity and reduce risk. Then there is immense need around the integration of two other key planks in our strategy for Digital Transformation: APIs and curated data layer right below the application layer. Persistent’s emerging role in the FHIR standard offers immense possibilities for bringing it all together. Our LHS BU’s product matrix offers integration for other partners as does AppExchange. Needless to say the opportunity to take all of this further is significant and rich with possibilities.  At Persistent we are also excited at expanding our team with domain experts, physicians and RNs with Salesforce and Tech background to take all of this to the next level of conversation.

The accelerator solution suite today will assist providers in various scenarios such as:

  • A physician liaison is working to enroll a physician into their network and needs to manage that interaction, travel and related expenses correctly
  • The referral from those physicians leverages the bi-directional visibility, secure document management and alert capabilities of Salesforce
  • Call center from new and existing patients get married to a seamless workflow
  • Once the referral is received the triaging based on documents, ability to pay including integration with financial systems and ability to treat (integration with EMR) get factored in to accept and assign care coordinators
  • How to empower the CNO and her team of care coordinators manage the patient journey with roles, goals, alerts and checklists
  • Drive patient and caregiver education before key events like surgery
  • Tie into existing EMR portals and augment them to become all about engagement
  • Address gaps in discharge coordination between services lines to impact Length of stay
  • Design follow-up with checklists and alerts to ensure post discharge is managed well minimizing return to ER or readmission
  • Supporting wellness programs for patients and staff with targeted follow-ups based on checklists and clinical input
  • Enabling the overall program management around population health with ability to integrate key deidentified, longitudinal data native or external to the platform

As we go forward and with the launch of Salesforce Health Cloud, our suite of accelerators will augment and extend many of the key features and functions that are going to come available to providers.

Having led this effort for a year and half and seeing where it has come is immensely gratifying. My team and I look forward to working with our existing and new partners and subject matter experts to continue this journey of digitally transforming healthcare.

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