The RIGHT company for YOU is the one that INVESTS in you

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As they scout opportunities in the job market, people have many questions in their minds. Should I look for salary? Brand? Perks? Work location? Designation? Grade?….and many more. There is no easy answer since all of these are important. After spending a couple of interesting decades in the industry, my view is that the right company for you is a company that INVESTS in you and helps you develop. Salary, grade, perks, brand are all things which may give you a temporary fillip but an investment in you is something that stays for a lifetime.

Here are a few questions that you should seek answers to as you scout for your next prospective employer (and it doesn’t matter at what stage of your career you are):-

  1. Is the company strategy differentiated? Are they focused on “next” and using that to give employees a chance to work on interesting futuristic projects?
  2. What is the company’s Learning and Development infrastructure? Does it have a myriad of learning programs and a variety of learning interventions that if offers which can be leveraged by the employee to develop? Has its L&D sufficiently invested in technology to give a great and convenient learning experience for its employees? Is the company recognized for its L&D innovations?
  3. Does the company have a thriving Leadership Development program? Does the company put a lot of focus on developing leaders at all levels?
  4. Does the company have an effective job rotation policy which encourages people to rotate across different functions and gives credit to these experiences when it comes to promotions?
  5. Does the company invest in the physical and mental health of its employees and their near and dear ones through things like innovative insurance plans, annual medical checkups, facilities like gym, yoga classes, counselors which eventually help you to have a fruitful life and career?

As someone said, “Give them Fish and they will stay fed for a few days, teach them how to fish and they will stay well fed for a lifetime”.

While making your next career move, look for an employer that will invest in teaching you how to fish!!

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