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There is constant change in Business Functions’ IT needs, the change in demand rises with the market functions, emerging technologies and various new channels of business. The technology shift from ‘tool centric’ approach to ‘Platform Lead Solutions’ is one of the prime reasons customers are looking at transformation and ultimately bringing Digital Transformation to the enterprise wide initiatives. The transformation is expected to touch all aspects of an organization and shall bring in change, ease of operation, and maximum utilization of available resources with minimal investment for the transformation.

While trying to ride the wave of Internet of Things and Digitization, IT leads often start working with ad-hoc projects, systems upgrades and IT modernizations in parallel. In fact, though IT modernization goes hand in hand with Digital Transformation, many IT leads cannot distinguish or understand the boundary between IT modernization and Digital Transformation. Many times enhancing just the user experience is also considered transformation or just combining few systems landscape is also referred as Digital Transformation. Though these are components of Digital Transformation journey; Digital transformation in fact is a combination of moving away from traditional tool centric approach to wider platform centric solutions, bringing integrated systems on one platform, modernization of systems landscape communication process and making various tools centric systems data available for wider consumption purpose within an organization. The digital transformation shall also bring in various business units together as it brings IT landscape and help align those with overall organizational vision and strategy.

The Digital Transformation is to bring missing data parts together so that hidden facts can be well addressed for betterment of organizational health and strategic decisions. And at the same time bringing various units working close enough to enhance services to customer and betterment if its consumer experience.

The Digital Transformation shall ultimately help sales and marketing department to plan strategies, planning and tackle revenue leakage in an organized, efficient manner.

I will discuss more about components of Digital Transformation in coming series starting from transactional systems, systems integrations, analytics and security. Last but most important ‘enhanced customer experience’ so stay tuned…!

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