What OSLC’s inclusion to OASIS member section means to the software development industry?

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With software delivery teams spanning across development and operation lifecycles, software vendors face more challenging, complex, multi-vendor, multi-platform environments than ever before. Integration has become the #1 impediment to ROI for Agile and ALM tool implementation. OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) enables the kind of tool integration that brings the potential of a far higher level of productivity in today’s complex electronic system development environment. Simply put, OSLC provides specifications for effective automation, communication, and collaboration.

Those of us, who have followed the development of OSLC over the years, have a reason to be excited about its association with OASIS as it is a big leap forward for the development community. OASIS is an internationally acclaimed open standards association and as OSLC specifications are maturing and gaining support from the industry, with the huge adoption of emerging technologies including Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data Analytics, it seems just the right time and the right move for OSLC to raise the bar in integration standards. Over 22 organizations have committed their support and the signs are promising for OSLC uptake. You can read more about it here: https://www.oasis-open.org/news/pr/open-services-for-lifecycle-collaboration-oslc-transitions-standards-development-to-oasis

Persistent has been associated with OSLC for long, and it has helped us to gain major business benefits by allowing us to focus on high-value customization for our clients while addressing interoperability among various lifecycle tools. By customizing and integrating disparate tools using OSLC, we have enabled our clients to deliver more business value by improving traceability and transparency across organizations.

As a founding member of the OASIS OSLC Member Section, Persistent Systems is ready to work with the OASIS OSLC Technical Committees on the specifications and we look forward to keeping the community apprised of the newest developments.

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