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A high level of friction is an absolute life-saver when it comes to car brakes, but when dealing with sales, digital interaction and user experience, it brings everything to a grinding halt with the same efficiency as a brick wall. A smooth user experience is not only key to increase efficiency, sales and communications channels but integral to remaining agile as an organization.  Only through intuitive design and processes can swift, precise and controlled advances be made.

With the frequency and complexity of hacking, cyber-attacks and corporate espionage growing at an alarming rate, security is rightly a core concern for any organization. A major difficulty for any large enterprise is balancing the all-important smoothness of information flow with critical aspects of security – an equilibrium in the midst of hundreds of thousands of variables changing on an hourly basis.  It is important to remember that at the centre of this equilibrium is one important, and much studied factor – people.   When designing any system, we need to start with a Human Centered Design and ensure that the user experience will be enticing and frictionless, otherwise, people will always find a way around even the most secure of interfaces.  Take, for example, the password to your computer – the parameters can be set as complex and secure as possible, but if it makes the log-in too difficult to remember, users will just write it on a post-it and stick it to their desk.

Internally, large enterprise organizations can waste thousands of man hours a week on Identity Management – ensuring that each user or employee has access to what they need, and are prohibited from actions that they are not authorized for. For example, a user may submit a request for the purchase of a new computer screen, but should not be able to approve that request themselves – the same goes for building access, billing information and file privacy.

When we were approached by one of the world’s leading online payment providers to create a smooth and secure platform to enable their employees to manage their profiles and streamline their internal processes, we knew security was going to be of the highest priority. We provided an Identity API platform which would run their Identity Management Apps, and would seamlessly allow access to their employees – regardless of device, location or time.

By leveraging our unique REST API for identity governance, we created an omni-channel experience for the employees, not only improving productivity, but also enhancing compliance for data handling. The program we created integrates the latest security including FIDO standard biometric authentication, continuous interaction tracking and mobile access to ensure that the solution is not only secure, but user friendly.  This task involves an ever evolving quantity of variables, so the program we created was designed for change.  The modular approach to the system allows for additional profiles, extenuating circumstances and the integration of new legal requirements necessary for compliance.  By this approach, we are able to provide Gold Standard applications that will remain best-in-class, even as technology and requirements evolve.

The results were stunning. Increased compliance by employees, enhanced productivity, and peace of mind.

Persistent Systems – Continuous Transformation by Design.


  1. Vinita Navadgi – Digital Transformation Strategist
  2. Ben Judah – Marketing Strategist
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