Where are enterprises on Big Data adoption?

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At Persistent System’s booth at the IBM IOD 2012 conference, we surveyed enterprises to better understand where they are in terms of Big Data adoption. We only surveyed senior management & IT leaders that had visibility into their organization’s Big Data initiatives & who were genuinely interested in Big Data. This helped us learn more about how enterprises are thinking about Big Data in their organization.

Here is what we found out:

Have you started any Big Data projects?
47% of the respondents have already started Big Data projects and 29% are in internal discussions to start a Big Data project currently.

What are the primary business drivers for Big Data?
‘Analyzing Unstructured Data’ (37%) and ‘Advanced predictive Analytics’ (26%) were the two primary business drivers for Big Data.

What are the business functions that utilize (or plan to utilize) Big Data technologies in your organization?
Finance was the business function that was listed the most (35%) with Legal & Marketing/Sales as the next most common business functions (23%) utilizing Big Data technologies within enterprises.

Rank the following in order of importance when choosing a Big Data platform
‘Ease of use for end/business users’, ‘Stability of Platform’ and ‘Easy Maintenance’ were the Top 3 parameters most important when choosing a Big Data platform.

What Big Data technologies do you use?
Technology adoption was still nascent. Currently of all the participants surveyed more than one fourth were currently using Netezza which is part of the IBM Big Data Suite. The next most preferred technologies were Hadoop, Hive and HBase.

What are your main challenges in implementing your Big Data program?
The most common challenge faced in implementing Big Data program is that most ‘executives in enterprises lack knowledge in Big Data’ therefore support for Big Data initiatives is not yet a priority. The next most common challenge listed was ‘use case identification’.

The industries that had the highest interest overall in Big Data were Retail, Banking and Insurance sectors. While enterprises in these industries are still in the beginning stages we can see that decision makers are thinking about Big Data and most of them have already started implementing it. Surprisingly, 76% of respondents had either already deployed a Big Data solution or have plans to do so within the next 3-6 months. It was interesting to note that ‘Lack of knowledge’ & ‘Use Case Identification’ outweighed cost as the biggest challenges of implementing Big Data. Of those respondents with no deployment plans, 25% cited a lack of understanding about Big Data as the main barrier.

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