White Paper : Critical Data Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions : A Blueprint for Success

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We have seen a growing trend in large mergers and acquisitions recently, especially since 2007, the year the effects of the global financial meltdown were beginning to be felt. This increased volume, combined with the complexities of cross-border operations, means more executives will be exposed to an M&A environment and will have to be adept at navigating such an environment.

The IT organization’s role in an M&A is seen as vital given that it will be one of the major drivers in most organizations to get lines of business integrated and operational. It is imperative that duplicate business functions will have to be looked at not only from a personnel standpoint but also from an actual IT infrastructure standpoint, i.e. common customers, consolidation of accounts, supporting a combined view in the case of online banking etc.

It is critical that the process of merging and de-duping business functions also ensures the quality of data in a merged environment. A rigorous enforcement of data cleansing policies and procedures when consolidating data instances is essential, otherwise the integrity of applications that access these merged data instances can be compromised, putting the success of the M&A engagement at risk. Consequently, data quality needs to be at the core of the M&A process. Making appropriate technology choices in tools to ensure that all data quality issues are detected, flagged, and fixed before going live is critical

In the white paper titled Critical Data Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions: A Blueprint for Success , Persistent Systems discusses how IT leadership can succeed in an M&A environment. The role of IT is vital given that technology is now a major driver in most organizations’ operations. An M&A transaction can be an excellent opportunity for IT leadership to leverage technology to improve the IT experience within the organization.

This whitepaper focuses on how IT leadership can succeed in an M&A environment. Specifically, the whitepaper will discuss:

  • What challenges IT can expect to encounter in an M&A transaction?
  • How to address application integration resulting from M&A activity?
  • How to leverage an application’s integration framework for M&A?
  • What are the key factors for successful IT integration post M&A?
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