Organizations are realizing the business importance of deploying Collaboration tools. But, just realizing the importance of these tools is not enough. What is of importance is executing the collaboration strategy. How can this be done? The first step is to develop the enterprise collaboration architecture and the second to approach the technology decision. While the first whitepaper spoke about how organizations need to develop a business driven enterprise collaboration strategy and approach, the second explains how collaboration architecture can be developed and the different obstacles you would encounter as you develop this strategy. Enterprise Collaboration Architecture is all about how collaboration tools enable your employees to achieve their business objectives; how these tools relate to the other technology systems and most importantly how these tools help you achieve your organization’s business goals. Further, in this whitepaper we talk about organizational and technological considerations while deploying the collaboration platform. How Change Management lays at the core of the Collaboration platform, overcoming barriers to user adoption, the problems of Governance and we discuss topics such as Scalability, Usability, Integration, Legal Compliance and Security. The third whitepaper, which would be the final one in our Collaboration series, will highlight a select group of enterprise collaboration platforms and offer a step-by-step guide for choosing the right collaboration technology. So, keep watching this space for the whitepaper which will walk you through the process of evaluating collaboration platforms based on your business case, organizational considerations, and technology considerations.