Why Organisations and Service Providers should Leverage and Invest in Open Source Cloud Technologies for Broader Success

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Technology advancements in cloud computing, mobile computing, social computing (aka collaboration) and intelligence computing (Big Data, BI, Analytics) are shaping the way we work, the way we live and co-exist today. With technology so deeply embedded and integral to our daily lives, even the slightest change or advancement in technology can cause a massive disruption to the ecosystems we have built around it. Technology innovations and the resulting market disruptions seem to be a recurring phenomenon in this technology-led era. Similarly, innovations in open source technologies are becoming the primary source of disruption in cloud computing.

Open source as most of us know has existed for decades now. In the context of software, open source is a software tool or utility or product or platform that is developed using an open and collaborative approach. It is released under the Open Source Initiative (OSI) certified license and offers any user the freedom to access, use, inspect, modify, and redistribute without incurring any cost. There are thousands of developers, numerous communities and many organizations that are contributing actively across different domains of software platforms. Here at Persistent Systems we contribute to many open source software initiatives; ranging from traditional technologies, like databases, to newer ones like the OpenStack cloud computing platform. In the context of cloud computing, industry experts believe that open source holds the key to making technologies behind the cloud a commodity. This should ring a bell for organisations and service providers alike.

For CIOs, CTOs and other executives who are looking at how Open Source technologies that can improve business performance using Cloud as an enabler, please read Open Source, the Fuel of Cloud Disruption published in Cloud Computing Journal. This article serves as a guide for enterprises and service providers to leverage open source technologies for concrete strategic gain.

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