Graduates and Students Campus Program

Graduates and Students, you will love Persistent if you are…

Confident: You will make a difference as you join the team to build great business solutions.

Responsible: Everything you do will be with our clients’ and colleagues’ best interest at heart.

Persistent: You are determined to help our clients and our people around the world to succeed.

Ingenious: You will transform new ideas into tangible business results and have fun while you do it!

Farsighted: You anticipate what’s next, work with contemporary technology to build solutions that positively impact the world around us.

Relentless: No challenge is big enough, never give up. You will deliver above and beyond customer’s expectations.

Curious: You love diverse technologies, cultures, and people. Ask ‘why’ more often and enjoy your journey to find answers.

In short, #LifeAtPersistent is more about embracing the journey, here you will See Beyond, Rise Above.

Career opportunities at Persistent Systems

Full-time opportunities

Not all superheroes wear capes
Leap into your career with an industry leader and watch your growth take-off. Use your expertise and ideate, innovate & help us define how companies do business and join a team where reinvention and experimentation are part of the creative culture.

Intership at Persistent Systems


Superhero training grounds
Like so many Persistent interns before you, you might just dream up our next big idea. You’ll put your smarts to work on business-critical projects with the top talents in your field. You’ll find mentorship and community, and never stop learning and growing. Learn from a community of tech superheroes and get ready for an adventure.

Apprenticeships at Persistent Systems


Hit the ground running
Learning is fun when you can apply it to solve real business challenges, today. Get hands-on coaching with in-class and on the job training that will give you a head start into a career in technology – it might just be with us!

Bonus, you also get to be part of cool hackathons!

Academic Projects

Academic Projects

Get mentored by resident superheroes
If you are a third-year engineering graduate, our mentorship program is tailor made for you. As part of your academic project, you will take up real business challenges and work on problem statements crafted by our technical experts.

Learn, innovate, and explore the latest technology trends and computing concepts, while closely working with our resident tech superheroes.

Career Guidance

Career Compass

Your flight to the corporate mothership
Your journey from college to corporate is a special one, even if some of it can seem intimidating. So, don’t be intimidated because at Persistent we will guide you on this exciting journey. Our program will help you learn the latest thinking in technology, show you the different career tracks that you can choose and give you a real insight into what #LifeAtPersistent is all about. We want you to cherish this memorable journey while we plan the perfect career befitting a superhero like you.

Persistent Computing Institute

Persistent Computing Institute

Computer science graduates and engineers, are you passionate about building software to solve real-life problems?

Persistent Computing Institute gives you an incredible opportunity to meet and learn from computer science experts. You will explore new software and technology concepts, apply new thinking, ideate, all for the love of computer science. This unique industry-academia partnership is designed to give you insight into new opportunities and avenues for a career in software innovation. Use your computer science superpower to become our superhero.

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