Persistent Systems Limited (“Persistent”) is committed to preventing any type of fraud related to job, fictitious job opportunities and/or recruitment offerings. Persistent follows strict zero-tolerance policy towards any such unethical practices in order to ensures the quality of talent it hires.

Persistent has come across instances involving unscrupulous entities falsely representing or issuing fake offer letters on behalf of or claiming to work for or be affiliated with Persistent. In some instances, it has been observed that certain job portals and such related agencies have inappropriately and/or without Persistent authorization, used Persistent’s brand name and/or logo in emails and/or on their websites to solicit fees or payments from a job seeker/prospective candidate. Prospective candidates who are looking for jobs in the market are being tricked by scammers to make unsolicited payments using various modes of payments such as mobile wallets, credit or debit cards, bank account, etc. for the opportunity to apply for work or work.

Persistent does not request for and/or take any fee, payment of any sort from any prospective candidate/s for recruitment and/or employment purposes. Should you be contacted by any recruiting or placement agency for a job at Persistent, there should be no charges levied upon you as the job-seeker.

Guidelines to follow in case you receive any suspicious mail in your inbox:
  • Never give personal or any important information upon email or instant messaging application request;
  • Look carefully at the web address from which you have been contacted for job openings. Hover your mouse pointer on the hyperlink to check the company address;
  • You may be reached out by unknown individuals or agencies to seek sensitive and confidential information such as personal information and/or financial information by sending phishing emails to job seekers;
  • Scammers or fraudsters will try to copy email and text messages from companies to get your personal information and passwords;
  • No information such as personal, financial PAN, bank account details, credit, or debit card number or passwords over the phone, email, or the internet to any such individual or agency;

Persistent will never send unsolicited messages asking for prospective candidates password or other personal, financial information or money during the recruitment process. However, fraud awareness and having appropriate control measures for ensuring security of personal assets is every individual’s responsibility. Prospective candidate may take suitable measures to verify the source and authenticity and stay alert to identify such unsolicited or fraudulent communications regarding job opportunities or interview call.

Persistent and its affiliates, directors, employees will not be liable for the consequences of any action taken by any individuals and such prospective candidates or third parties in response to such fraudulent job offers.

In case you are unsure of any job postings/offers you can reach out to Careers for more details

Please report and forward such fraudulent correspondences and/or any such attempt or potential attempt at or