OutSystems Solution for One Stop Portal


One of the largest accounting and advisory firms in the US was looking to build a one stop portal that would,

  • Service all users including employees and external clients,
  • Provide easy visibility of clients and their subscribed services and
  • Automate the manual invoicing process

The Challenge

Persistent chose to leverage its expertise to build a custom solution atop OutSystems. The challenge lay in designing a single solution that could take on a multitude of business challenges and provide quantifiable benefits from the get-go.

The Roadmap

The solution was built considering the core business challenges that the client faced, and each solution highlight can be directly linked to a problem that needed to be resolved.

The Solution

Data stewards, CSR and managers were able to collaborate by creating a one stop portal for managing client services and creating an invoice processing system. The inbuilt audit logging system improved accuracy and slashed processing time from days to hours.

Team Persistent also eliminated errors in data capture and lack of visibility of weekly processing metrics by creating an interactive, user-friendly role-based Dashboard that provided a 360° view on everything from client service analytics to invoice and payment reports. This also served to remove dependency on emails and free up instances of lost invoices.

Security concerns arising from an open access to accounting systems with no control on data management were resolved by building a user and role-based access management system and providing an online approval process dependent on workflow-based approvals.

Our knowledge of the business and domain coupled with an in-depth understanding of the customer’s requirements helped us provide critical insights and suggestions ultimately leading to the successful implementation of this custom-built solution.

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